Name: Donator+
Price: 15.00 USD

Donator+ Commands

  • Access to all Donator commands.
  • Access to the /sr command. (Allows you to rename items without using XP)
  • Access to the /near command. (Shows all nearby players.)
  • Access to the /nightvision (/nv) command. (Ability to have night vision.)
  • Access to the /ptime command. (Allows you to set the time on your client only.)
  • Access to the /ext command. (Extinguishes yourself if you're on fire.)

Donator+ Perks

  • Access to all Donator perks.
  • Access to 25 set homes.
  • Access to 50 player vaults.
  • Get a Donator+ chat prefix in-game. (Ex: )

Donator+ Kits

  • Get access to the Donator+ kit. (Comes with a one-week cooldown.)  (Sword Enchants: Sharpness II Unbreaking II Pickaxe Enchants: Efficiency II Unbreaking II)

Donator+ Presents

Note: Presents are accessible via the Present Man located at Spawn.

  • Daily Present
    • 1x Vote Key
    • 1x Donator Key
    • $800 In-Game Currency
  • Bi-Weekly Present
    • 32x Emeralds
    • 32x Diamonds
    • 128x Gold Ingots
    • 256x Iron Ingots
    • 4,000 In-Game Currency

You also get access to the Default and Donator Daily and Bi-Weekly presents.

Make sure you are online upon purchase.