Name: Donator
Price: 5.00 USD

Donator Commands

  • Access to the /speed command. (Ability to change walking speed from 0 to 10)
  • Access to the /craft command. (Ability to open a crafting bench without a crafting table.)
  • Access to the /fix command. (Ability to fix anything in your hand.)
  • Access to the /hat command. (Ability to place any block on your head.)
  • Access to the /smelt command. (Automatically smelts any ore that is in your hand.)

Donator Perks

  • All the perks from the Veteran rank.
  • Access to 15 set homes.
  • Access to 5 player vaults.
  • Get a Donator chat prefix In-Game. (Ex: )

Donator Kit

  • Get access to the Donator kit. (Comes with a one-week cooldown)
    (Sword Enchants: Sharpness 1 Unbreaking 1 Pickaxe Enchants: Efficiency 1 Unbreaking 1)

Donator Presents

Note: Presents are accessible via the Present Man located at Spawn.

  • Daily Present
    • 1x Vote Key
    • 1x Donator Key
    • $800 In-Game Currency
  • Bi-Weekly Present
    • 16x Emeralds
    • 16x Diamonds
    • 64x Gold Ingots
    • 128x Iron Ingots
    • $2,000 In-Game Currency

You also get access to the Default Daily and Bi-Weekly presents.

    Make sure you are online upon purchase.